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by Robert Newton

They tell me that the o-zone layerís thinning
Soon weíll all be dead from ultra-violet light
With all the territory these street gangs are winning
Itís now unsafe to try to walk the streets at night

I think Iíll have some pie...
I think Iíll have some pie...

Self-righteous interest groups rewrite the Constitution
While little Jimmy buys some heroin at school
Fanatic diaper-heads demanding retribution
And in the White House thereís a wimp and his pet fool

I think Iíll have some pie...
I think Iíll have some pie...


ĎCause there are days when you wanna get away from it all
Crawl up inside a bottle or put up some sort of wall
This world is rather confusingĖĖthatís a fact you canít deny
So if it gets too much to bear, just have...some...pie.

Pollution, erosion, population explosion
Mutations, starvation, the downfall of a nation
Please take me away to a place where I can quit the human race
Where hate canít rear its ugly face
Where I can live at my own pace
Embrace the Earth and kiss the sky
And have another piece of pie...
And have another piece of pie!


And I think Iíll have some pie...


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