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by Robert Newton and Mark Volpe

Hey there little Koko, runny bottom got you down?
Monkey Bismuth's something that will turn that frown around
Poor, dyspeptic Koko, just cannot control your poo
Spray the drapes again and it’s back to the lab for you

You need--Monkey Bismuth--Monkey Bismuth
Monkey Bismuth makes you better in the end.

Monkey Bismuth is the fast-acting anti-diarrheal product that zookeepers and pet owners nationwide prefer 2-to-1 over Stool-Eze. So, if your dirty little monkey is becoming a health risk, as well as a constant source of embarrassment, reach for the pink banana today!

Monkey Bismuth--Monkey Bismuth,
It will make your monkey better in the end.

From the makers of ApeShit™ Gorilla Laxative.


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