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(J.Hetfield, L.Ulrich, K.Hammett)
parody of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
parody lyrics by Robert Newton

Shut your mouthĖĖin the car,
Disneylandís not far,
And I promised weíd go.
Iíve never been, what a sin,
Iíll sneak a six-pack in,
Mommy isnít to know.
       Crack a cold one open,
      Itís gonna be a long night,
      Have a lite,
      Impaired sight,
      Beer in hand,
      Iím getting drunk at Disneyland.

Six-foot rat, bet he bites,
Many guys in tights,
Think Iíll hit on Snow White,
Dreams of joy, dreams of mirth,
Richest place on Earth,
Come on, Goofy, letís fight!
      Crack another open,
      Pants are a bit too tight,
      Liverís white,
            Impaired sight,
            Beer in hand,
            Blew .2 at Disneyland.

(Spoken, repeated by child:)
Now I drop my pants to pee
For tourists and their kids to see
In my havoc I will revel
ĎCause Michael Eisner is the Devil

Hey Mr. Disney, I mortgaged the house
To pay our homage to the Mouse
So whatĖĖI threw up in the grass,
We ainít leaviníĖĖ kiss my ass!

      Drank all night,
      Impaired sight,
      Beer in hand,
      Wimps drink lite,
      Liverís white,
      Out of hand,
      Got drunk and puked at Disneyland.

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